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About Alrofai Group

Mr Merghani Alrofai
Founder of Alrofai Group

Alrofai group is a family owned business operating in the Sudanese market since 1969. Alrofai group is one of the largest group of companies in Sudan operating in more than five strategic divisions. Alrofai group was established in 1969 by Mr Merghani Alrofai who established the logistics division which is the flagship of Alrofai Group. Through the use of continuous innovation and latest technology as well as progressive thinking and ambitious entrepreneurial spirit, Alrofai Group has now grown to become a leader in the Sudan’s logistics and mining sectors. Our overriding objective is to produce high quality products as well as providing state of the art services.

Chairman’s Message

“Alrofai Group has evolved itself into a robust, dynamic and forward-looking group during the last 51 years. Since we started operating in 1969, our resilience and aptitude to embrace change with an open mind has permitted us to provide high quality products and deliver state of the art services in all sectors we operate in. Our approach to providing the highest level of quality in all our activities has brought returns at every step of the company’s growth. Today, we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy household name in Sudan with all our businesses and employees loyally working together as one team, one family.
We started with one transportation truck, then as years of hard work and perseverance the business grew bigger and it is the company now. We have always used our strengths to take advantage of opportunities and reduce the probability of threats. During this journey we have faced numerous and significant challenges. However, through commitment and hard work we were able to overcome them. In Alrofai Group we work around the clock to ensure the satisfaction of all our stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers and the community.
I always say, we are fortunate that we operate in a country like Sudan with all its priceless natural and human resources. We have always been striving to contribute to the growth of Sudan throughout the five decades we have been operating and we will always make every effort to play our part in driving Sudan’s success and unleashing its economic potential.
Finally, our company’s success stems from our reliance on both experience and knowledge, we look to the future with great optimism aspiring to expand Alrofai Group services worldwide.”
Mr Mohamed Merghani Alrofai, Chairman, Alrofai Group

Our Mission

The group’s mission is to build a group of companies that is dedicated to offering quality products and state of the art services as well as ensuring all our stakeholders’ satisfaction whether suppliers, customers, employees or the community. We would also like to contribute in the development of Sudan and to assist in exploiting the precious human and natural resources of Sudan in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our values

  We always focus on providing our customers with high quality products and services to ensure their satisfaction and build long lasting relationships.

  We do not have any political affiliations and we always strive to act with integrity and truthfulness.

  As we do ensure customer satisfaction, we ensure employee satisfaction as well. We always strive to provide a friendly business environment. Alrofai Group management avoids micromanaging to allow space and creativity.

  We are always looking into future and moving forward to be leaders in all industries
we operate in.