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Non Stop Transport Enterprise (NSTE)

Nonstop Transport Enterprise is the flagship of Alrofai group. Non-Stop transport enterprise is principally running transportation and inland shipping business with an annual turnover in excess of US $10,000,000, and more than 175 employees. Non-Stop transport enterprise has been in the inland freight and transportation business since 1969 under previous business names.

Nonstop Transport Enterprise is a trade name owned by Alrofai Group and established since the year 2001.

Nonstop Transport Enterprise is basically an inland shipping and transportation company in Sudan with branches setup at:

  • Khartoum (Head Quarter)
  • Port Sudan


  • Truck Transportation
  • River Transportation
  • Rail Transportation
  • Air Transportation
  • Ware Housing
    • Covered
    • Un-Covered
    • Cold Storage
  • Services of Material Handling Equipment
  • Custom Clearance
    • Airport
    • Seaports

Our Customers

    • Wheata Industrial Company
    • United Nations African Missions in Darfur (UNAMID)
    • United Nations African Missions in Sudan (UNAMIS)
  • Agencies
    • World Food Program (WFP)
  • NGOs
  • DAL Group
  • Kenana Sugar Company
Nonstop Transport

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